A Sense of Community

A Sense of Community

I’ve tried to express the feeling of community and belonging here at the Village2Village Project site … but perhaps in this case, pictures will indeed be worth more than 1000 words.

The vast majority of the children in the Village2Village Project program have lost one or both parents due to AIDS, violence or abandonment. This truth makes the sense of community that exists here all the more valuable and precious. Here, they are like brothers and sisters to one another.

I had told the kids that I wanted to take individual pictures of each of them. I would use them for my sponsor duties “on the other side” as they say here, in the U.S.A. In addition, I would send a copy of each picture back to them in Serere to keep for themselves. Everyone became SO enthusiastic! Striking poses, laughing and carrying on. After individual pictures were done, I told them I would take group pictures of them with their close friends….what fun we all had. When I looked through these pictures I felt that the sense of community that goes on here was truly captured. So, sit back, and take – it – all – in.

For those feel as though they don’t belong, a sense of community is everything.
V2V blog boys b

V2V blog girls





V2V blog big combo

V2V blog boys


V2V blog 3 little boys

One of the staff worker in charge of the Children’s Department enveloped by some of his kids.
V2V blog martin group

Nearly ALL of the Village2Village Project kids! (a difficult thing with so many)
V2V blog big pic

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