What You Provide

by sponsoring a child.

Medical Care

Our sponsors help deliver the most critical and necessary medical care to children and families in Serere. Village2Village Project sponsors provide medical support for children with many chronic illnesses such as Cerebral Palsy, Sickle Cell Disease, severe scoliosis, multiple organ differences, tuberculosis, asthma and HIV/AIDS.  They are also helping the children’s sick guardians to stay alive with nutritional support and medication. Emergency surgeries we have provided include brain surgery, eye surgery, abdominal reconstructive surgery, surgeries for bleeding ulcers and more.  Dozens of cases of malaria are treated each year, and V2V provides routine medical check ups, immunizations, dental work, and eyeglasses.


Often times, one of the biggest needs the children we serve in Uganda have is compassion. They need the love and comfort of someone who truly cares and has their best interest at heart at all times. Your support allows these children to stay with family members who care about them and receive extra care and attention from our staff.

Good Nutrition

Malnourishment, anemia and stunting are common in Serere. Many children enter our program with thinning hair and dull expressions.  It is not unusual to find children who only eat half a meal a day, late at night. Young children are left to cook for toddlers while adults look for food. Families who have lost productive adults lose the ability to grow enough food, and grandmothers are often too weak and sick to both care for the children and cultivate the crops needed for a large family. Through your sponsorship, Village2Village Project is able to provide these children two hot meals a day and proper nutrition.  Within only a few months, we see bright smiles, sparkling eyes and dark, rich skin.


At Village2Village Project, we invest deeply in the education of all the children we serve. Not only do we provide supplies like backpacks, books and school uniforms, but we encourage and support our children through primary school, secondary school, and on to a vocational program—and in many cases through university. We hire tutors for struggling primary students, help with homework and send the secondary students to the best school their performance will allow.  We help the children explore their career interests, and provide school trips and internship opportunities.  Our two recent graduates have completed law school and an MBA, and one is nearly finished with medical school.  We have others pursuing careers in IT, social work, education, civil engineering, architecture, finance, business, cosmetology, nursing, carpentry and more.  The careers are as individual as the students’ abilities and interests.


Mentoring is a critical part of our Village2Village Project program.  Each child is assigned to a caseworker who makes home visits regularly with the family, and meets with the child individually. Children struggling with issues at home, V2V or in school are supported by the staff and family together as a team. Community members like nurses, teachers, pastors and counselors come in to counsel and share with students, and provide character training, spiritual guidance, hygiene information, individual counseling and career guidance.  Older students also mentor the younger ones and University students share with children about their experiences in their majors and on their campuses. Often, these are the first people they have ever met that have attended University.  Sponsors are also part of the mentoring process, like a caring long distance relative, and share ideas and encouragement through letters.

Would you like to change a child’s whole world?