Our Story

of investing deeply
one child at a time.

Why V2V?

It’s personal.  It’s responsive.  And it makes a deep and lasting difference.

Village2Village Project encircles orphaned and vulnerable children with love, dignity, accountability and hope through a team of caring staff, the child’s extended family, and like minded friends.  This love is combined with the commitment of a sponsor who provides them with letters of encouragement, nutritious meals, needed medical care and an excellent education.

These children do not live in an orphanage.  The sponsor, the V2V staff and the extended families who shelter and guide the children are all partners in this care and become a community that changes lives.

Our Vision
To transform children with stolen futures into tomorrow’s leaders.

Village2Village Project believes that lasting change is made by loving individuals investing deeply into the life of each child, helping them to reach their potential and make an impact on their communities.

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive, empowering, respectful and compassionate care for vulnerable children and their families, one life at a time.

Children who have at least one parent affected by HIV/AIDS or violence, and their families.

Serere, Uganda; a district of rural villages in the Teso region of northeastern Uganda.

About Village2Village Project

Village2Village Project began with nine school aged children who lived with elderly and sick grandparents or no adults at all, and has grown to serve 134+ including many with special needs including HIV/AIDS. We continue to grow because the need is SO desperate.

Our children do not live in an orphanage; we support them in their extended family environment. We provide casework support, two hot meals a day at our center, spiritual guidance, help with homework, comprehensive medical care and fun with a community of friends facing the same issues.

We began in 2003 with only $100, which bought one bag each of rice and beans, nine school uniforms and nine backpacks. With God’s help and yours, we have grown to become a staffed organization that has been a recognized non-governmental organization (NGO) by the government of Uganda since 2006.  After many years of fiscal sponsorship by First Baptist Church of Bristol, VT,  Village2Village Project became a separate 501c3 charitable organization at the end of 2016.  All donations are tax-deductible. We now have partners in 40 countries, reaching out from their “villages” into rural Africa to serve some of the world’s most desperate children.

Village2Village Project has growing University and vocational programs, and our first students are graduating and beginning to give back to their community. Our goal is always to meet the individual needs of each child so they can reach their potential and change their world.

All this has been possible because of the sacrifice and generosity of people who care about changing the world, and especially the world of a child.


  • HIV Support (HOPE Ministry)
  • Family and Business Development
  • Children’s Programs
  • University Program
  • Vocational Program

Additional Services Provided:

  • Emergency Medical Response
  • Drought, Flood, and Famine Relief
  • Water and Sanitation Projects
  • Pastoral Training and Conferences
  • Women’s Caregiver’s Conference
  • Vacation Bible School

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