Helping whole families thrive
by caring for the caregiver.

Relief for seriously ill parents and grandparents

An HIV+ grandfather might be raising between five and a dozen grandchildren after his children die one by one. A young mother may be HepB+ and struggling. Your monthly support provides essential medical care, nutritional support and counseling for seriously ill parents and grandparents, and helps hundreds of children avoid the loss of yet another beloved caregiver.  V2V guardians’ groups also provide business and agricultural training, child care discussions and micro-loans and savings circles that help lift entire families to a more secure level.

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Guardian Sponsorships Impact Multiple Lives

Helping whole families thrive

The Problems Families Face Can Be Devastating

Your Caregiver Sponsorship Provides Hope for the Whole Family

  • Medicine

    Paying for medicine for life threatening illness can bankrupt a family. Your giving helps seriously ill caregivers get the assistance they need to stay well.

  • Community

    Guardians share joys and struggles with the V2V caregiving community. Staff and guest speakers provide training and support at monthly meetings.

  • Good Nutrition

    Patients on strong HIV medicines must eat a varied diet. Through your sponsorship seriously ill guardians eat every day.

  • Education

    Through micro loans, savings groups and empowerment programs, your support boosts guardians' income and provides school fees for their other children.

  • Casework Support

    V2V caseworkers visit homes regularly, giving medical and agricultural guidance, and assisting with discipline and family conflicts.

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