How You Help

change the world
one life at a time.

Become A Sponsor.

Change The World.

Village2Village Project connects people half a world away to vulnerable children and families. Our mission is to provide comprehensive, empowering, respectful and compassionate care for vulnerable children and their families, one life at a time. Without our sponsors, we wouldn’t have accomplished all of the things we have. Our children wouldn’t have gotten the medical treatment, compassion, nourishment, education, and mentoring they have received. Many of them would have lost hope.


Village2Village Project, with your help, wants to change the world one life at a time. We know it won’t take a day, week, or even a month. We know it will take a lifetime.

Are You ready to make a difference?

Sponsor A Child

Our child sponsorship program is perfect for individuals and families looking to make a personal impact on the life of one child. Through this program, children have access to excellent education, quality medical care, good nutrition, and social and spiritual mentoring.

Sponsor A Guardian

Our guardian sponsorship program is perfect for families, small groups, churches, and organizations. Through this program families receive the support they need to stay together, care for the children, and grow to support themselves.


Our village project sponsorship program is perfect for corporations, communities, and other large groups. Through this program, we help villages build the infrastructures they are currently missing like wells, hospitals and medical centers, and roads.

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