Our Boards

serve Ugandan children
and families together.

Board Member Joseph regularly visits the children at V2VProject.

Better Together

Village2Village Project has two boards; one in Uganda and one in the US. There are some things about serving children in a rural African family setting that people outside that culture will never fully understand. Local and Ugandan law and cultural family norms are both an important part of that.  And assuring the quality of services needs to happen regularly, by community members.


On the other hand, the oversight of operations in the US is a critical responsibility to the donor community. For this reason, Village2Village Project has boards in each country, each with distinct responsibilities. The boards coordinate to assure that our unique and comprehensive care will be available to build educated leaders in this needy community for years to come.

Ugandan Board

Chair: Pastor Richard Otim (far right)

Vice-Chair: Esther Eriaku (second from left)

Secretary: Joseph Twoli (third from right)

Treasurer: Rev. Oluga Francis (third from left)

Olobo Michael LC5 Council member, District of Serere. (fourth from right)

Agum Moses (second from right)

Nurse Norah Elasu (far left)

Laurie Kroll (fourth from left)

Our board in Uganda works closely with our staff to make sure our sponsored children and families receive the resources and support they need on a daily basis.

Us Board

Chair: Nikki Marin

Senior Program Director, YMCA of the Northshore

Union Congregational Church, Magnolia, MA.

Vice Chair/Secretary: Marjorie Overhiser

Dept of Continuing Education McLean Hospital

Dunstable Congregational Church, MA.

Treasurer: Nick Powell

Filtration and Membrane Industry Consultant, Lakeland, FL.

Laurie Kroll

Executive Director/Founder V2V

Heartland Church, Fishers, IN.

Ruud Zijdel

Information Technology Consultant, Dutch-IT

Meyersville Presbyterian Church, NJ.

Edwin Norse

Business Strategic Planner

Retired Utilities CFO, Cary, SC.

Catherine Caum

Grants Manager, Hunger Free Vermont

Panton Baptist Church, Vergennes, VT.

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