The Video That Sparked A Movement


Village2Village Project has served desperately vulnerable children in a remote area of rural Uganda since 2003.  Ten years ago, when a film crew was visiting, V2VProject found Sam and Esther, two starving children, lying in the dirt. They were unable to walk. They were alone. And we almost drove over them.


While we were still reeling, eight year old Jane appeared, carrying water. This little girl was acting as their parent. These three children needed immediate help, and we couldn’t walk away.

V2V Project Sponsors Provide

  • Medical Care

  • Compassion

  • Nutrition

  • Education

  • Mentoring

Love Changes Lives

Years later, Jane now 17 tells her touching story. Generous sponsors and donors from around the world have provided medical care, therapy, food and a safe place for the children to recover, grow and thrive. Every gift has helped.

  • Jane attends one of the best high schools in Uganda.  She’s had a childhood full of fun and friends, and loves her brother and sister deeply.
  • Sam and Esther get physical therapy, a specialized diet, and tenderness from their 1:1 V2V caregivers at our House of Love in Kampala.  They teach our V2VProject family about the value of every life.
  • And in the last year, their father has stopped drinking, begun visiting his three children, and has joined our V2V guardians support group.


You Can Make A Difference Right Now

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